Polwarth Sheep


The Keepers Farm Flock


 Milland, West Sussex , England.


In 1999 I rescued the last small flock of purebred Polwarth sheep in Europe which were on their way to slaughter. They numbered just a few ewes. After buying the ewes I spent  a number of years searching the country for a Polwarth ram and eventually found one in the south west of England and later another ram on a small farm in Scotland. Without these rams  there was little hope of keeping the Polwarth breed alive in Europe The breed originate in Australia and is the result of a cross between the Merino and the Lincoln Long Wool. The idea at the time was to breed an animal that produced the finest wool of any breed of sheep. As the use of wool and its value has declined in Europe so did the number of Polwarth sheep as they are difficult to shear and their carcuss conformation characterictics have been surpassed by other meat breeds. Howerver, no other breed of sheep can match the quality of a Polwarth fleece. For hand spinners the fleece is a joy to spin having a very fine texture and long staple. The wool has a loverly crimp which enables the spinning of the fineness yarn. 

 I have Polwarth fleeces for sale which I can post or send by courier in weights of one to three kilos. Please email me for fleece prices.


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